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RE/MAX, short for Real Estate Maximums, is an American international real estate company that operates through a franchise system. As of 2015, RE/MAX had more than 100,000 agents in 6,800 offices. RE/MAX operates in about 100 countries.

Barbara angrily said, "I rented a property from ReMax for an upcoming vacation in Dewey Beach. I paid close to $1000 for deposit I also took the travel insurance to cover the trip in case anything happened for protection. I found out that I needed 2 major surgeries and had to cancel the trip. They only reimbursed me $650. I thought with insurance and documentation required for proof that I should get my money back. They even called to say the rebooked the place. Beware of this rental company and READ the contract. Carefully!!!! Will never do business again with them!!!!"


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Northeast Ohio Real Estate Agent (Former Employee) says

"Nightmare of my 25 year career - poor leadership, poor advice, sheer misguidance and questionable ethics cost me my career, home, family, and freedom for 10 years! Cons: Reckless abandonment, lack of responsibility, disregard for lives and careers of licensees"

Estate Agent (Former Employee) says

"Avoid scam pyramid scheme, take money for training and leave you on your own. Cons: Everything"

Administrative Assistant / Accounting (Current Employee) says

"Toxic work environment. The bosses have no respect for you, they are always very stressed out, and they are very unorganized and unprofessional. You get treated poorly compared to the real estate agents."

Coordenadora de Agência (Former Employee) says

"Faltas de respeito, exploração salarial, empregada para todo o serviço, trabalho durante horas e horas sem períodos de pausa. Pressão constante . Cons: Tudo"

Agente (Former Employee) says

"Non è oro tutto quello che luccica."

Specialist Estate Agent (Former Employee) says

"Understand real estate before making any further action to join the company."

. (Former Employee) says

"Ντοπή που το αποκαλούν δουλειά αυτό το πράγμα.Χαμαλίκι, άγχος και πενιχρές εως μηδαμινές αποδοχές.Ποτέ ξανά, Cons: όλα"

Business Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worst Real Estate Business sector guys don't join here.,u will never ever become Success here.,ur career will get damaged..starting they tell all useless sorts of things and thy just take all useless idiotic commitments till u pay them money...afterwards thy just fly away from their talkings...,thy won't support u for marketing...everything thy put pressure on u to do..!!"

Realtor (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking for no support, this is the right job for you. There is absolutely no training or guidance. Management is too busy for any employees."

consultora (Former Employee) says

"Gestores gananciosos e hipócritas. parecem muito simpáticos, mas espetam a faca nas costas"

Receptionist/Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Treated unfair, called "just a receptionist". No chance for advancement, high expectations, a lot of taking with no giving. Long hours without compensation, talked down to. Uncomfortable work environment. This experience is office specific keep in mind."

Assistente immobiliare (Former Employee) says

"L'ambiente di lavoro potrebbe essere stimolante ma tutto dipende dalle persone presenti nell'agenzia."

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible experience did not like the staff or environment or drama or agents. No professionalism whatsoever everyone was very petty and treated new people like slaves"

Gayrimenkul Danışmanı (Former Employee) says

"Aklınız varsa uzak durun. Maaş yok, sigorta yok hiç bişey yok üzerine size çıkartılan masraflar ve zorunlu eğitim paraları var ve paranızı kendiniz kazanmak zorundasınız kimsenin umurunda değil."

Agent (Former Employee) says

"No help left alone to cold call waste of time and money no training no help would not work for remax ever again. look for a place that actually trains you."

Licensed Realtor (Former Employee) says

"it is a realtors job, so one must be a licensed real estate agent to do the work, there are the usual tricks that brokers try, they often attempt to talk realtors into working in their offices answering phones and dealing with walk -ins so they can avoid paying an assistant."

Consultora Imobiliária (Former Employee) says

"Cultura de cunhas e familiares demasiado entranhada na empresa não dando possibilidade aos de fora para integrar de maneira justa a equipa"

Assistente amministrativo (Former Employee) says

"Delusa perché ho ricevuto troppe promesse e mantenuta nemmeno una. Stipendio bassissimo e datori disonesti."

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"While working there, everything seem decent but the moment I wanted to quit I was offered a higher pay and higher position but after almost a month of the company not keeping their word, I quit. Instead of paying me what I had worked for (2 weeks) out of spite because I did not give them a 2 week notice upon quitting, they withheld my check and I had to take legal action. The broker never returned my calls and never showed up for any of the legal hearings."

Office Manager (Current Employee) says

"Extremely unprofessional management. Beyond poor pay. Zero benefits. High turnover because they don’t value hard working employees. Expectations not clearly stated in job description. No room for growth within company."

Former Employee - Real Estate Agent says

"I worked at RE/MAX full-time Cons: Everything about starting out, you will need a lot of help and to know people already"

Real Estate Broker says

"I worked at RE/MAX for more than 5 years Cons: New owner is about his corporate image not the agents themselves. The agents are where the money is made. It’s a terrible culture."

Former Employee - Real Estate Agent says

"I worked at RE/MAX full-time for more than a year Cons: Fees are very high. They use new agents to pay fees so the top producers can get free desks and better commission splits. In the industry, REMAX is referred to as "FEEMAX"."

Former Contractor - Real Estate Agent says

"I worked at RE/MAX for more than 10 years Cons: This company only cares about money and not their agents. You leave the company to go to another company and they hold you hostage. You can't leave for 2 months after giving notice you are moving to another Broker/Company. They do this to charge you and if you make arrangements to pay, they take you to court. Not only do they try to collect the 2 months while holding you hostage, they charge you attorney fees and also 25% interest from the date you left. They wait 1 year to file so they can really stick it to you for the 25% from the last date you worked there and then wait.......and wait to charge you ridiculous amounts. I don't recommend this company. I was with them too long to be treated this way and it goes to show all they care about is money and not their agents. Go to another Re/Max Office or another company that does care and if the time comes you want to change companies, you don't be held hostage for a 2 month period to do so. You even pay the debt and they STILL take you to court and don't communicate to the Attorney that they received the payment in they can collect 25% interest on over a year."

Real Estate Agent says

"I worked at RE/MAX Cons: With $1,0000+/month office fees and, at best, an 80% commission, you need three closings per month, at a minimum, to support your business and at least contribute to your family's income. During the height of the real estate meltdown, repeated inquiries to corporate from many agents went ignored. We pleaded for relief from the hundreds of dollars due in the Re Max International Dues every year. Never mind all of the money that they take from you throughout the year. There are many brokers out there to work for, so you please make sure that you weigh all of the options, ans their various costs. Remember, there will be no relief in costs, should the markets decline, again, so please chose your broker carefully. RE Max has recognition, but the high commission agents are transforming toward a different business model."

Real Estate Assistant says

"I worked at RE/MAX Cons: Working as an assistant to Patti was the worst career choice I have made. Having her office in the basement, she also expected you to be her baby sitter to her grandchildren as well as her maid. I have yet to hear of an assistant that she has had last more than 6 months. However, her lack of training, lack of breaks-including lunch, and overall demeanor would be an understanding."

Former Employee - Real Estate Agent says

"I worked at RE/MAX full-time for less than a year Cons: Comission fees are low, lack of support by the staff or REMAX in general, you have to pay monthly fees, anual fees and other sorts of expenses while having 0$ salary per month. If you have a bad month and don't sell, you don't get paid, at all but be sure that they will charge their fees regardless."

Current Contractor - Real Estate Agent says

"I have been working at RE/MAX for more than 3 years Cons: Offices are all independently owned and operated, often with only a dozen or couple dozen brokers to each franchise. The SELECT owners in ABQ are very clique-ish, exclusive rather than inclusive, and funnel leads from their agent's listings directly to the owner/agent competing for the same business their agents are. Several leads were submitted on my listings and other agent's listings in the office by friends or clients, expecting that I would receive the lead for my listing, and every single time, it went to the owner, who followed up and tried to gain those inquirer's business. If they like you, you get to be friends with the owners and a small number of agents in the office, and nobody else exists. The broker is another competing agent, and the office staff, management and owners are quick to toss any one of their agents under the bus if it makes them look better or stands to gain them business. At over $19,000 per year, it's a complete rip off compared to other brokerages that charge less, offering less, or other brokerages that charge about the same but have more current business models, better training for new and experienced agents, and a larger presence in the market."

Former Contractor - Real Estate Broker says

"I worked at RE/MAX Cons: Long Hours and rarely a day off"

Real Estate Agent says

"I have been working at RE/MAX for more than a year Cons: you have to generate your own leads"

lynn says

"I\'ve been a licensed Realtor® for over 16 years and was with RE/MAX for approximately 13 of those years. I was on the 100% agent plan (no RAPP fee) and my monthly bill was $1,900-2,100 per month and that did not include my advertising. During quarantine, I ask the broker if our monthly bill was going to be adjusted considering our state was 100% shut down, his reply was to get an SBA loan. We were not a large office (about 18 agents including broker) and it was at that moment I realized I needed out and opened my own brokerage. "


"Agent returned call asked a few questions about my $500-550k home told me she would call me back after she thinks about taking on my listing. I said I understand. How many listings do you have.... 5 she replied. My listings are over 1.2 mil. Oh... Okay well thank you for returning my call. Goodbye."

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